The main purpose of this site is to have a location where anyone can download the latest updates to my free games. These include  two modified versions of Statis-Pro basketball called Above the Rim Classic and Above the Rim Ultimate (AtR). These use completely different FACs from Statis Pro and use EXCEL to randomly generate the Fast Action Cards (FACs).The basketball game uses EXCEL and is designed to play with cards in front of your computer. An EXCEL cardmaker program with stats for numerous pro and college teams and seasons is included. Many of these have already been rated by me such that all you need to do is click on a team and print the cards (what I call the "click and print" format).  NOTE: my EXCEL program for basketball is not compatible with the original Statis Pro ratings nor are my ratings compatible with the original Statis Pro FACs.

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Click on the image to the left to link to a web page devoted to an APBA-like teams and an Excel Helper which includes stat-keeping features. Over 20 seasons were rated using Brian Davis' cardmaker. These seasons were placed into roster form in Excel and can be used with my APBA Helper to play on your computer. Everything can be displayed on your screen. The latest version supports player images.

I hvae a PC football game  with both pro and college versions available (not free) at . This was programmed by Richard Hanna of RooGames and  SAT (Second and Ten) in now on version 9. The college version comes with over 5000 teams going back to the 1920s. The pro version comes with every NFL and AFL season (all free) back though 1932 plus the AAFC, WFL and USFL.

Richard is also responsible for programming REPLAY baseball for the PC and ASG golf.

Click on the image to the left to try a fully functional version of SAT free for three days.

Please also visit the SAT MOD site for numerous other downloads to enhance you gaming experiience.


                     Gustavo has rated all the teams for AtR from the 2003-04 through the 2010-2011  NCAA seasons. These can be downloaded from his web site.

                     Here's one web site for NBA pictures: :
      The 'player' face pack is the one you want (from the menu on the left).

                     The APBA helper for Excel has been updated to allow the use of player images. Here's an excellent link for images:


. Contains college teams from the 99-00 through 02-03 seasons. Remember that all teams from 2003-04 through 2010-11 can be downlaoded from the web site listed above.
I also have an older version of AtR in which you cut out the player cards and lay them in front of your screen. Also included are instructions and scoresheets. Some people prefer this version to retain more of a  a board game feel. Excel helps to randomly generate FACs and keep time. Please email me if you'd like a copy.
Contains AtR Classic, specifically designed for pre-73 college teams. It eliminates blocks, steal and assist ratings. This has been updated as of 09/03/02. Included are instructions, a scoresheet, and 23 teams from 64-65 and 66-67, 26 teams from 68-69 and 30 teams from 69-70.. 278 teams for 70-71 can be downloaded from the list below.
This is the latest version (june 2009) as briefly described in the "What's New" section above. Various options allow all versions (college and both pro versions) to be used for men's or women's play. This file has everything you need to play including a stat-keeping program and all sounds. Requires Excel.
Contains all the NCAA tourney teams for the 96-97 season. Thanks Michael O.
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Contains 80+ teams from 1987 through 1999. Stats for these teams were previously available in a cardmaker. These teams now come in card form ready to use with AtR Ultimate or AtR Advanced.
Titles above should be self-descriptive. Conatins all NBA seasons back trhough 1954-55 plus all the ABA seasons.
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Contains a cardmaker program with data for all seasons from the two women's leagues.of the 90s. The cardmaker is now easier to use and contains cards for 2003 season, not just stats.
Contains ratings for all rated teams from the 72-73 through the 85-86 seasons. These were previously available in separate files. Contains 7 new teams for 81-84 and a few other new teams. Teams are now alphabetized in each file. These teams are also now completely compatible with the new AtR Ultimate.
I have a file which contains ratings for over 300 teams from the 03-04 women's college season. It also contains ratings for 21 NCAA women's "Great" teams from the 1983-2002 seasons plus one NAIA team that is a personal favorite. The 04-05 and 05-06 seasons have also been rated. Please email me (click box near top of page) if you'd like this file. sOmeone else is also now rating various other past women's seasons. Please contact me if you are interested.
Contains around 50 great  teams from 1960-72. Please read the "READ ME" worksheet. These were designed for AtR Advanced and contain estimates for blocks, steals and assists (sometimes had actual assist data). They have been revised to be completely compatible with the new AtR Ultimate.
Contains the ratings for the 99-00 through 2010-11 NBA seasons.
Contains over 300 teams from 70-71 for AtR Classic.

                                        BLM BASEBALL
In addition to the APBA files I have an older Excel program which translates the BLM baseball game. It also allows you to keep stats while playing. There is also a ratings program which uses data from Retrosheet to rate teams for the BLM program and a large file with many "great" teams from 1950 through th 90s.
Contains cards for the 2004 WNBA.
Contains 10 files with teams from each season from the 80s. Contains many teams not available in other files and updated player information.
The two files to the left are WORD documents. The one on the left is quite valubale as it contains info on how to set up and play play AtR. It was inadvertently left out of the zip file file containing the programs (listed above). The second WORD file explains how teams and players were rated.